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Sunday, January 31, 2010



Well I am a complete ass to my body! I woke and said today is the day I will rest my legs and eat some veggies and watch some Law and Order, cause I am addicted. Well that lasted for about two hours and I put my running shoes on and did a 4.5 mile run to the Capitol and back. Was a great day to run in the city. I will have to find some time soon to take a break because I am getting addicted to this running thing. I get to eat a bit more which I like but its hard on the joints that have been lazy the last few years! Any way on to the food intake yo...

Breakfast / Pre run - Coffee and water
Post Run - Banana and water with wheat bread
Snack - Apple and Peanut butter
Lunch - Soup w/ bread and water
Snack - Baked chips w/ hummus and water
dinner - soup chips and rice water

Weight 210

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