Sniff This!!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Well today did not pan out as I expected. I woke up and felt like I did not want to do a damn thing. So I waited and waited until it hit me " I want some eggs and sausage and OJ and toast". Wait a minute jack ass your on a diet!!! So I decided to stay in bed for another hour or so until the craving passed. It never really passed, I just never opened the fridge as I walked by it on the way to the couch. I hope as the days go by the morning cravings subside a bit, because I love a big greasy breakfast like any growing boy. Only the growing is not the most healthy thing for a boy my age!

The afternoon started off badly after a quick stop at Whole foods. I got home and started to feel dizzy and a bit off like I was getting sick. I should expect this if I am starting a new diet and exercise plan but not on day two. Maybe it was something in my salad, or maybe I am crazy but this diet is going forward no matter what. I promise to get on the road early for a run in the A.M. so I can get my day started right. I need to make up for today's slacking off!

Breakfast - Fruit Bar, 3 cups water, Tea
Snack - Apple 1 glass water
Lunch - Chicken mixed greens ranch dressing 3 glasses water
Snack - Fruit Bar 1 glass Water
Dinner - Shells n Tomato sauce 3 glasses water

Weight 216 left my cowboy hat on for good luck!


  1. Maybe try something a little more substantial for the morning meal? I vote for oatmeal with fruit! And don't do the pasta for dinner!:)

  2. Maybe also have some pre-boiled eggs on hand to eat along with the oatmeal in the morning....