Sniff This!!!

Sunday, January 31, 2010



Well I am a complete ass to my body! I woke and said today is the day I will rest my legs and eat some veggies and watch some Law and Order, cause I am addicted. Well that lasted for about two hours and I put my running shoes on and did a 4.5 mile run to the Capitol and back. Was a great day to run in the city. I will have to find some time soon to take a break because I am getting addicted to this running thing. I get to eat a bit more which I like but its hard on the joints that have been lazy the last few years! Any way on to the food intake yo...

Breakfast / Pre run - Coffee and water
Post Run - Banana and water with wheat bread
Snack - Apple and Peanut butter
Lunch - Soup w/ bread and water
Snack - Baked chips w/ hummus and water
dinner - soup chips and rice water

Weight 210



Ok, Friday was my day off and I ran so today was my day off and like an ass I ran. I cannot stop when my legs feel good! I will find a day this next week to take a needed break before I hurt something on my battered body. I hit the park for a 3 and some mile run with the local birds my bride to be knows so well. I miss her so and cannot wait to see her beautiful face in the bright Colorado sun again. Work again tonight with the same band again and hope its a bit better.

Breakfast - Eggs w/salt n pepper water
Snack - Banana Water
Lunch - Salad rice veggie burger water
Snack - apple peanut butter water
Dinner - Beef steak with veggies and rice Mmmmm Water

Weight 210.5



Friday is here and I wanted to take to day off but my legs wanted to hit the park. I did a easy pace jog for 3.5 miles and was able to relax for a few hours before work. Turns out the band playing tonight that was going to sellout only had 6 show up. Well I had a good time regardless with my coworkers wasting time playing music on the jukebox. It reminded me of Vinyl in Atlanta 6 years ago with the jukebox and Casey playing the same crap over and over and over...

Breakfast - Oatmeal Water
Snack - Banana Water
Lunch - Soup Water
Snack - Cereal bar water
Dinner - Salad veggie burger water

Weight 210.5

Thursday, January 28, 2010



Up late today but got down a cup of coffee and a good :50 min run in the park. It was colder today but the coffee got me warmed up to get the run in before I nestled into the couch. Coffee is the key when you wanna get up the energy to run in the morning. I know idea why I forget this almost every morning. The rest of the day was good and I did not stray far from the diet like I did last night.

Breakfast - Coffee Oatmeal Water
Snack - Banana Water
Lunch - Cream of rice soup Water
Snack - Apple Water
Dinner -

Weight 210.5



Got on the bike for a 17 mile spin before the snow crept in. Wanted to get in 30 but the weather changed to rapidly when I was out I had to turn back. I really messed up my diet today with a lovely tasty pizza pie for dinner. I had to have me some cheese pie!!! Hopefully one day I will realize that restraint is something you need to have to lose weight. I seem to think that getting a workout in deserves a crappy dinner to destroy any progress I may have made.

Breakfast - Oatmeal Water
Snack - Banana Water
Lunch - Salad
Snack - Apple Peanut Butter Water
Dinner - Warm tasty pizza pie and wine...

Weight 211



Was able to get a good :40 min run in today. I think I am finally adjusting to the altitude here in Denver. Or maybe I am actually getting in regular workouts and my body is circulating oxygen a bit better. Either way I am happy that I can actually get a :40 min run in without walking for a part if it. I will rty to keep this up for the remainder of the week.

Breakfast - Oatmeal Water
Snack - Banana Water
Lunch - Salad Rice and soup water
Snack - Apple water
Dinner - Meat balls!!! and wine , water

Weight - 212

Monday, January 25, 2010



Woke up and hit the park for a :30 min jog before I shove the am grub down the hatch. Was a so so jog but I was very tired, guessing from the crap I ate on Sunday. I'm hoping to keep a steady balance of running every week from here on out. Five days a week is whats on tap per week in the running category. Any who, I am off to the sheets for some Z's so I can be a good boy and run my tank ass in the morning!!!!

Breakfast - Eggs Chocolate Milk
Snack - Avocado's Water
Lunch - Meatballs!!!!!! Mmmmmm Water
Snack - Salad Water
Dinner - Meatballs!!!!! Water

Weight 212



I took the day off cause I need a bit of a rest. Well that turned into me eating some food that I have been trying to avoid. I guess this means more workouts this week to make up for it

Breakfast - Nothing well cup of tea
Snack - Chips n salsa Mmmmm water and water
Lunch - Pizza!!!!! Yeah water water
Snack - More chips n salsa Mmmmm water water
Dinner - Stomach ache!!!! Water

Weight 212

Saturday, January 23, 2010



Was able to hit the park again today for another :40 min run. If I can keep this up the whole weekend I will be very happy considering weekends are hard for me because of work. The run felt good which I hope means my legs are giving in to the goal I hope to achieve. My biggest problem left on weekends is I love to eat crappy food Saturday and Sunday. I miss eating Chinese food with my baby on Sunday nights with a warm fire and the puppies on the couch. Soon enough I will have that again but without the food every weekend, only a couple of times.

Breakfast - Oatmeal 2 cups water
Snack - Cereal bar 2 cups water
Lunch - Peanut butter and honey on swirl rye 2 cups water
Snack - Carrots n Ranch dip

Weight 211



I got in a good run this morning in the park before my mind got the best of me. Finally I have found out how to stop the cement from drying around my feet! First thing in the A.M. get your ass outta bed and start working out before your body knows whats going on. Before ya know it the workout is half way done and all you have to do is bite and get through it. I think, or shall I say hope with time this will not be the case. Next...

Breakfast - Oatmeal Banana 2 cups water
Snack - Cereal Bar 2 cups water
Lunch - Rice tuna 2 salad 2 cups water
Dinner - Veggie burger salad rice 2 cups water

Weight 211



Had two short spins on the bike today was feeling sluggish. I tried to scrape myself off the couch to get back to the gym for a :45 min swim but that ended up being two glasses of wine instead. Working out always seems like such a good idea the night before and the mind plays games on you as soon as you wake. I am going to fight the good fight and push through.

Breakfast - Oatmeal 2 cups water
Snack - Apple 2 cups water
Lunch - Salad veggie burger 2 cups water
Snack - Apple 2 cups water
Dinner - Tuna rice salad 2 cups water

Weight 211

Thursday, January 21, 2010



My back got in line after lunch today and was able to get in a couple good workouts. It really puts me in a bad mood when I get a plan going for a few days and my core yells at me to stop. Its been far to long and my body fights ever step of the way it seems. I hope that I will only have minimal pain from here on out if not I will be buying more Advil.

Breakfast - Oatmeal 2 cups water
Snack - Banana 2 cups water
Lunch - Salad greens and ranch 2 cups water
Snack - Apple Peanut butter 2 cups water
Dinner - Veggie burger broccoli and cheese sauce 2 cups water

Weight 212



Was unable to work out as much as I needed today due to a lower back issue. My body seems not to like the exercise all that much. This is how your body fights when it feels like you are trying to better yourself and all it wants to do is sit around and consume food.

Breakfast - Oatmeal 2 cups water
Snack - Cereal bar 2 cups water
Lunch - Salad with veggies and ranch 2 cups water
Snack - banana 2 cups water
Dinner - Tomato soup and side salad 2 cups water

Weight 212

Monday, January 18, 2010


Hit the P90x this morning for my 90 day workout routine. Its going to take about two weeks for me to feel comfortable with the workouts because they hurt! I made it half way through the ab workout and gave up for some stretching instead. My diet suffered quite a bit today, guessing from the two p90x workouts today. I could not seem to fill my gut with the right thinks to stop it from asking for more. Anyway this will take some practice but I'm sure to get on the right track soon.

Breakfast - Granola Bar 2 cups water
Snack - Apple Peanut Butter 2 cups water
Lunch - Ham Sandy with corn chips 2 cups water
Snack - Chips and salsa 2 cups water
Dinner - Spaghetti and tomato sauce glass red wine(box) water

Weight 212

Sunday, January 17, 2010


The two day work weekend caused me sit on my ass all day today. Going back to standing for eight hours at a time can be a shock to the system after six weeks off. I'll be good after a few more shifts this week. I finally was able to get a water filter today ; I am not a huge fan of bottled water. Trying to be a bit on the green side since going to school for renewable energy is coming up soon for me. I promise I will get on the bike tomorrow after my legs stop hurting from this weekend. Gotta drop four pounds this week since I slacked off so much this weekend.

Breakfast - Yogurt 2 cups water
Snack - Granola bar
Lunch - Rice veggie burger 2 cups water
snack - Granola bar 2 cups water
Dinner - Pasta w/ tomato sauce 2 cups water

Weight 213


Another night completed at the new job here in Denver. I'm happy so far with the place because making money and staying active makes me feel better. I was not able to exercise today due to the fact I was pooped after a long night. Tomorrow I will get back at it in some way or another. I need to look good for my baby when she comes in town in a few weeks!! Thanks for checking in and see ya here in a few hours.

Breakfast - yogurt and granola 2 cups water
snack - granola bar
lunch - rice w/ veggie burger 2 cups water
snack - granola bar 2 cups water
dinner - rice baby rice. that's all I had on hand... 2 cups water

Weight 213

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Well I guess I did not make the cut off to enter today's blog in time. I was fortunate enough to land some work on the weekends at a music venue here in Denver. Its been almost a month and a half since I have worked so it was nice to get back to it. I was able to get in :45 min on the trainer today and I did not have time to eat after 4pm. The body is going to suffer for that in the A.M. I am off the the hay to rest my achy legs for a bit.

Breakfast - Eggs Veggie Sausage 2 cups water
Snack - Half Granola bar 2 cups water
Lunch - Yogurt w/ granola Mmmmm 2 cups water
Snack - Granola bar 2 cups water


Thursday, January 14, 2010


Exercise took a back seat until I got over my depression of not having a job for most of the day. I suppose if someone was having a difficult time finding work it makes working out not so fun. I'm trying to use this time to release some unwanted stress as well as loose weight but its hard to get the motor started sometimes. I was able to finish the day with a :30 session of sit ups push ups and pull ups. Tomorrow is another day, as for today it was not a complete waste my diet was on track.

Breakfast - Tea , wheat toast low fat butter 2 cups water
Snack - Raisins 2 cups water
Lunch - Rice soy sauce and 2oz tuna 2 cups water
Snack - Small Salad 2 cups water
Dinner - Polenta with tomato sauce and a small salad 2 cups water

Weight 215

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Well today did not pan out as I expected. I woke up and felt like I did not want to do a damn thing. So I waited and waited until it hit me " I want some eggs and sausage and OJ and toast". Wait a minute jack ass your on a diet!!! So I decided to stay in bed for another hour or so until the craving passed. It never really passed, I just never opened the fridge as I walked by it on the way to the couch. I hope as the days go by the morning cravings subside a bit, because I love a big greasy breakfast like any growing boy. Only the growing is not the most healthy thing for a boy my age!

The afternoon started off badly after a quick stop at Whole foods. I got home and started to feel dizzy and a bit off like I was getting sick. I should expect this if I am starting a new diet and exercise plan but not on day two. Maybe it was something in my salad, or maybe I am crazy but this diet is going forward no matter what. I promise to get on the road early for a run in the A.M. so I can get my day started right. I need to make up for today's slacking off!

Breakfast - Fruit Bar, 3 cups water, Tea
Snack - Apple 1 glass water
Lunch - Chicken mixed greens ranch dressing 3 glasses water
Snack - Fruit Bar 1 glass Water
Dinner - Shells n Tomato sauce 3 glasses water

Weight 216 left my cowboy hat on for good luck!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Well day 1 was easy but we all know that the first couple of days on a diet or workout routine are the easiest. I decided to start the day slowly with a bike ride in the morning around town. It was a good excuse to get out and pay all my bills in person rather than mailing them. Around four o'clock I got in a thirty minute jog to work off my lunch. The jogging still is a bit difficult due to the lack of air compared to the Atlanta area. I hope to be able to get over that soon because it does not feel comfortable to run while having a heart attack. Tonight I got passed by a jogger having a conversation on the phone in the park. I'm sure if someone were to ask me a question while I was running they would only get a few gasps of air and a few mumble words for a reply. All in all I think this was a good day one and hope that the next thirty nine will be same if not better.

Breakfast - Breakfast Bar 3 cups water
Lunch - Salad tomatoes carrots and ranch dressing. 3 cups water
Snack - Pickles 4 small, Rice with soy sauce 3 cups water
Dinner - Veggie burger patties, cream of broccoli soup 3 cups water

Weight 216.5 (clothes off of course) every ounce counts!!!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Last Meal

20 in 40!!!!

I am starting challenge tomorrow to lose 20 pounds in 40 days!!! I have always talked about loosing weight which gets boring after the first time I would think. Usually after babbling about loosing some extra baggage I end up order Chinese food and stuff my face. I'm sure that I am not alone in doing such foolish but satisfying mistakes. Anyway this is my last night before the 40 days begins and hopefully I can make it this time. I figure posting my actual results might motivate me to actually reach my goal this time.

Everyday I will be listing :
- Weigh In and I promise not to lie
- Food for the day no matter how bad it might get
- Exercise that I have or have not done
- Lastly a bit of reflection positive or negative on the days progress

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Little bit of snow here in Denver today, looked for a job from 9:30 am till around 5. I need a glass of wine and a warm shower!!! Maybe a few more days of these will pay off with a good paying fun job for a while. We shall see, we shall see...

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Well my lady is gone and the apartment feels empty again as before. Gotta get my school info worked out this week and start looking for a job. Hope I can land a nice one that will pay me the big bucks. Time to get to work!!!!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Here kitty kitty kitty...

New City

Well here I am finally moved to Denver and starting my new chapter in my life. Its not so easy to leave your life of 13 years in another city and start over at 35. A good friend tells me it will take around a year to adjust. What do ya think?