Sniff This!!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010


The two day work weekend caused me sit on my ass all day today. Going back to standing for eight hours at a time can be a shock to the system after six weeks off. I'll be good after a few more shifts this week. I finally was able to get a water filter today ; I am not a huge fan of bottled water. Trying to be a bit on the green side since going to school for renewable energy is coming up soon for me. I promise I will get on the bike tomorrow after my legs stop hurting from this weekend. Gotta drop four pounds this week since I slacked off so much this weekend.

Breakfast - Yogurt 2 cups water
Snack - Granola bar
Lunch - Rice veggie burger 2 cups water
snack - Granola bar 2 cups water
Dinner - Pasta w/ tomato sauce 2 cups water

Weight 213

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