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Thursday, January 14, 2010


Exercise took a back seat until I got over my depression of not having a job for most of the day. I suppose if someone was having a difficult time finding work it makes working out not so fun. I'm trying to use this time to release some unwanted stress as well as loose weight but its hard to get the motor started sometimes. I was able to finish the day with a :30 session of sit ups push ups and pull ups. Tomorrow is another day, as for today it was not a complete waste my diet was on track.

Breakfast - Tea , wheat toast low fat butter 2 cups water
Snack - Raisins 2 cups water
Lunch - Rice soy sauce and 2oz tuna 2 cups water
Snack - Small Salad 2 cups water
Dinner - Polenta with tomato sauce and a small salad 2 cups water

Weight 215

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